4 March 2015

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  • The Elephant in the Church

    Mary T. Malone is the former chair of the University of Waterloo’s Graduate Department of Religious Studies. She returned home to Ireland after 40 years in Canada where she taught in Toronto’s St. Augustine Seminary and in St. Jerome’s Catholic College.

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  • Year of Columbanus

    As we celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life it seems very fitting that this year, 2014 – 2015, is also designated, by the Church, as the Year of Columbanus. This Irish monk, who played a major role in rekindling the Christian Faith.. Europe during the

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  • Civic Reception for Sisters of Mercy

    The Sisters of Mercy, who bid farewell to Cahir where their first school was established over 150 years ago, were accorded a civic honour to acknowledge their contribution to the community ...

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  • Sr. Rosetta Gray

    My awareness of God stems from early nurture in a deeply Christian family. On leaving both school and college I experienced a call to serve God more directly in religious life but deferred answering it until the year following my dear father's death...

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