19 April 2015

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  • Visit of Sir James and Lady Galway to St Matthews' School, Soweto

    On 4 February this year, Sir James and Lady Galway paid a visit to St Matthews, Mercy School in Soweto to listen to the students who play the flute. Sr Berchmans shares the story with us.

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  • Jubilee of Mercy

    The preparation for the celebration of this jubilee year of Mercy runs concurrently with a year dedicated to the consecrated life and happens at the same time as the silver jubilee of the Church’s recognition of Catherine’s holiness of life..

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  • A Look Back in Time to Mississippi

    Sr. Mary Riordan writes about the Sisters of Mercy working in Mississippi through the Civil Rights era and reflects on the situation today for the African American population.

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  • Sr. Mary Lavelle

    'SISTERS OF MERCY TO PIONEER IN TROUBLED KENYA'. Such was the heading in 'The Irish Catholic' in March 1956. As I glanced at it, gazed and read, I made up my mind. One day, God willing, I would follow those sisters.

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