28 November 2015

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  • Embrace the Future with Hope

    Eight years ago I was here talking about the impact of change on Religious Life and on the use of our resources. So much water has gone under the bridge since, some expected and some not.

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  • Beatification of Catherine

    The last few months have been an intense and exciting time in terms of the Cause for Beatification for Catherine McAuley. In July and August of this year, under the sponsorship of the four Mercy Congregations, I was invited to Australia to speak at three

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  • Dementia: Barbara's Story

    This story shows a video of Barbara. It seeks to highlight awareness of the experience many of the aged, as seen through their eyes.

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For all we need to pray for at this time

  • Sr. Doreen Figuerido

    Though born in Africa of Goan parents and having spent the greater part of my life in Nairobi I am now happy to be an Irish citizen.

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Click here to read poems about Catherine McAuley, written by Sisters of Mercy and friends




Statement from the Sisters of
Mercy July 20th 2013

Statement of the Sisters of Mercy
re Quirke Report

Statement of the Contribution of Sisters of Mercy to Former Residents, the State and to the People of Ireland

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