22 October 2014

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  • Mercy West visits Ethiopia to see Vita in Action

    Mary Doherty and Loretto Hogge from the Western Provincial Vita group visited Ethiopia recently to see how the project is progressing. Sr. Loreto says "Going to Africa was a dream of a lifetime for me"....

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  • Tsogo Mercy High School Reunion

    On the 30th August 2014, former students of Tsogo Mercy High School, gathered for a reunion. At the event, they raised funds to support the works of the Sisters of Mercy.

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  • What will nourish us into the future?

    In asking this question Sr. Joseph Barden reflects on the diminishing numbers in the US Province. She writes on a number of ways we can reduce the impact of ageing and deal with the obstacles that present themselves at this stage of our lives.

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  • Sr. Stella McCormack

    Ministry in Kenya gave me a realistic understanding of Mercy. I connect this understanding to 'need' and 'commitment'. God sees a need; in his loving kindness he commits himself to it.

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