22 July 2014

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  • Ministry among the youth of Kangemi slum, Nairobi

    As a young girl growing up in a Comboni Parish in the Rift Valley i.e. Naivasha –Nakuru Diocese I always admired the Sisters and Priests who seemed to work tirelessly to ensure we were never neglected in matters of faith and morals....

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  • Seminar with Ilia Delio

    Ilia Delio is a phenomenal woman. Accomplished to the level of doctoral degrees in fields of science and theology, she harmonises these specialised areas into an innovative vision of where we are right now on the process of evolution. Hear her in person..

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  • Shift in Consciousness

    Our current societal and personal problems are so complex and interrelated that they are incapable of being addressed with our current techniques of problem solving. In her book, Uprisings for the Earth, Osprey Orielle Lake suggests......

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  • Sr. Scholasticah Nganda

    I am a Kenyan Religious Sister of Mercy, vowed since 1989. My vocation to Mercy is tied to a yearning that I began to feel while I was in school with the Sisters of Mercy in Makueni Girls' Secondary School.

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