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When Silence Falls: The Stations of the Cross

7.95  EURO


When Silence Falls

When Silence Falls by Anna Burke rsm

The stations of the Cross, whether celebrated in our Christian Communities or as a private prayer, call us into the depths of the mystery of God.  As we remember again the political, social and religious systems that condemned, violated and killed one innocent man, we are faced with the truth of our own cultural time and the systems we ourselves support.  The journey with Christ, through the fear and through the darkness, gives us a light and a strength, an insight and a context when silence falls in our own lives.  This journey of intense suffering and sorrow remains beyond our comprehension and yet, within it, and because of it, we too find the inner strength and enduring faith for the last mile.  When Silence Falls is a prayer book, telling us of hope that endures and of hearts that go on, even in the darkest hour. 



Author - Sr. Anna Burke
Publisher - Veritas

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