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Your ever affectionate M.C. McAuley

10  EURO

CDs / Audio Tapes

Why a CD on the Letters of Catherine McAuley?
Why make a CD on the letters of someone who died in 1841? The answer is very simple. Catherine McAuley’s humanity shines through every letter. Listen for yourself and you too will find that the letters reveal a delightfully affectionate woman; a compassionate, persistent servant of the poor; an astute business woman; an unpretentious and humorous friend; a truly loving woman who opened her heart to God and her hands to the people around her; a woman who suffered but survived. A woman like any woman; a woman for all times and seasons.

CD Cover

Track I
This track affords a glimpse of the life and times of Catherine McAuley in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Dublin, Ireland.

Tracks II – XI (inclusive)
Each of these tracks consists of a reading of one or more of Catherine’s letters, specially chosen for what they reveal about the woman herself. Each letter is preceded by a short contextual introduction which allows us to situate the letter and the people to whom she writes. Following the reading of the letter, a short reflection is offered. This reflection highlights modern day works of Mercy begun by Catherine and continuing worldwide at the present time.
Each track is accompanied by uplifting music and songs, all of which are composed and played by Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Associates and friends from around the world where the Congregation, founded by Catherine, has taken root and continues to flourish. 

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