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Cothú agus Iomlánú

10  Stg

CDs / Audio Tapes

Cothú agus Iomlánú: is a new and creative initiative, consisting of a twelve track CD of original musical compositions with an accompanying booklet. In the booklet you will find Musical Notation and Composer’s Notes, enhanced by photographic reflections. It will be published in September 2010.

The source and inspiration for these works are drawn from sayings of Catherine McAuley and from Scripture texts dear to Catherine and to us.

Sisters of Mercy

This project has as its principal aim - to nurture and nourish spirituality and life - hence the title.
The Irish word, ‘Cothú’, (pronounced kau -who), means to nourish and nurture both physically and spiritually.
The Irish word, ‘Iomlánú’ (pronounced Um-lawn-oo)
means wholeness, leading to the total integration of the person.

The image of a bannock of bread coming out of the oven and placed on the table where it can be shared is central to this initiative.

‘Cothú agus Iomlánu’ is a small bannock and my hope would be that it will offer a little nurturing and nourishment of life within and beyond the Congregation, in response to the systemic hungers in our world.

‘Yahweh is waiting to be gracious to you ………………
And the bread will be rich and nourishing’
Isaiah 30: 18- 23, 26.

To order your copy of the CD and booklet, contact Sr. Teresa Martin at ctxmartin@aol.com



Sr. Teresa Martin

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