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Day Two of Young Mercy Leaders Pilgrimage

11 August 2011


The day began with Morning Prayer which gave all of us here a chance to re-enter the sacred space of the Pilgrimage.

A rousing music session followed and some of the hymns which will be sung at the Pilgrimage Mass on Friday night were practised. There was a fabulous sound as everyone put their hearts and souls into singing and the energy and spirit in the hall soared to great heights. 


Today’s keynote session was led by Adele Howard rsm. Adele established Fraynework Multimedia in Melbourne in 1995 to:

• Tell our Mercy Story
• Give voice to the voiceless
• Link Mercy Associates around the world

Adele introduced her session by saying that she would be exploring the broader picture of our connectedness which was a different aspect of our pilgrimage journey. She led the young people in engaging, reflecting and discovering new ways of connecting with each other.

The question we need to ask one another as Mercy people is ‘how can we give a voice to people who don’t have a voice so that they can tell the truth of their story?’ Adele reminded the young people that they have the power, the education and the leadership to do this. She highlighted for them that the unmediated story of the suffering and oppression in the world needs to be told, and that we have the capacity to do that.

To read the full account and to view two videos and a photo gallery of Day Two of the pilgrimage visit the Mercy World Website

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