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Recent Events organised by the Mercy Global Action Network

16 March 2012


Mercy Global Action Network (MGAN)

As a Congregation we have made a commitment to integrate our own justice/interconnectedness work with the focus areas of Human Trafficking and Eco-Justice/Interconnectedness as chosen by Mercy Global Action Network. The main purposes of MGAN are to build collaboration with the nine Mercy Congregations around the world and to bring the fruits of our labours on the ground and the stories we have to Aine O’Connor. Aine, Mercy Global Action Coordinator at the UN, will use these to help strengthen our presence and voice at the UN and give expression there to our Mercy mission. 


  Sr Eucharia gives her reaction to the workshop on Human Trafficking


           Sr. Catherine talks about the effect of the workshop on her

During this last month, we have sponsored here in Ireland, workshops on Human Trafficking given by Srs. Mary Ryan (South-Central province) and Sheila O’Gorman (Southern province). These two also link up with our other provinces in the collection of information. In the workshop, the myths around the trafficking of women were exposed and the efforts that are being made by Mercies in the USA to bring all multi-national hotel chains into compliance with the Palermo Protocol. Several chains have already signed on which puts a block to prostitution and trafficking on their premises. We are looking on how this campaign might extend to all the places in the world where Mercies might be able to extend some influence on the hotels. The following was shared: 

“The meeting on prostitution and the trafficking of women was held on March 7th at Kilmurray Lodge in Limerick. The speakers, Srs. Sheila O’Gorman and Mary Ryan were speaking from their own experience. They gave us a very informative, disturbing and sobering presentation which mirrored some programmes recently shown on national television. It is frightening to think of the plight of these abducted and trafficked women and children. We are very proud of our Sisters who are working in collaboration with other groups who are raising awareness of the issue of human trafficking. 

So what can we do? We can make ourselves aware of the situation and support organizations like the Act to Prevent Trafficking. www.aptireland.org Our prayer can play an important part in helping the victims of trafficking to lead dignified lives.
“--Sr. Victoire Clarke


Susan DeGuide rsm, Congregational Leadership Team asks Mary Ryan rsm and Sheila O'Gorman rsm what it meant for them to be able to present this workshop on Human Trafficking.


Srs. Carmel Bracken and Kathleen Glennon are our links in MGAN on the area of eco-justice/Interconnectedness. In collaboration with Mercy International in its “Soup and Substance" Lenten Program, both presented a workshop on this on March 8th. You can see it on http://www.mercyworld.org/news_centre/view_article.cfm?loadref=0&>

In addition a workshop on Fracking…was presented on March 15, 2012 by Tanya Jones of the Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network. Tanya is a writer and bookseller originally from England, who was working as a solicitor and a teacher of English. She is the editor of the website   www.frackaware.com, chair of the Fermanagh Churches Forum and a member of the Green Party, particularly concerned with issues of climate chance, social justice and fair trade.

Hydraulic fracturing is a process known as fracking. It is a controversial way to extract natural gas that is trapped in shale rock, a couple of miles underground.

The Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network (FFAN) was set up to protect their successful and sustainable industries of agriculture and tourism as well as the environment. They believe that the huge risks from fracking far outweigh any benefits espoused by the mining company Tambouran. FFAN view fracking as the single greatest threat to the environment and to its sustainable industries.

In this video clip, Tanya answers our questions about Fracking and gives ideas on how we as Sisters of Mercy can respond to this threat and how we can make our concerns known to those who can make a difference. 


Recommended Books re Trafficking 

• On the Game .ie : (Prostitution in Ireland to- day) by Stephen Rogers. Gill & Mac Millan 2009
• Sex in the City : The Prostitution Racket in Ireland. Paul Reynolds. Pan Books .2002
• Sex Trafficking : Inside the Business of Modern Slavery. Siddarth Kara. Columbia University Press .2009
• The Natashas : The New Global Sex Trade. Victor Malerek . Vision Paperbacks. 2003
• The Johns : Sex for Sale and the Men who buy it: Victor Malerek: Key Porter Books Canada 2009

Susan DeGuide rsm
Congregational Leadership Team

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