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Launch of new Soul Waves Radio website

21 March 2012


The launch of the new Soul Waves Radio website took place in ‘Avila’, Bloomfield Avenue at 11.30am on Wednesday March 14th. There was a large attendance comprised of journalists, TV broadcasters, local radio station personnel, members of religious congregations and the Board of Directors of Soul Waves Radio (formerly Religious News Network RNN).  

Soul Waves Radio

The new Soul Waves Radio logo was shown to the gathering and the reasoning behind the design was shared with the group. Colum Keating, visual artist, designed the logo and the Homepage of the website and created the vibrant new image, which reflects the new Soul Waves Radio service.

Sandor Gera, web developer, spoke about the functionality of the new website and the clever way in which is was built to serve the needs of the local radio stations and any members of the public who are interested in the audio interviews of a religious, social and justice nature.

Soul Waves Radio

Website Homepage

Fr. Bill Kemmy, chancellor of Kildare and Leighlin Diocese and webmaster of www.kandle.ie and www.icatholic.ie spoke about spreading the Good News through local radio and the world wide web. He also brought the assembly on a guided tour of the website and its capabilities and blessed it in the work in which it would do. 

Miriam Gormally, Director of Soul Waves Radio, gave a short input and spoke about the hunger there is for material which feeds the soul and the spirit.


Miriam Gormally, Director, addresses those gathered for the launch

Cathal Goan, former Director General of RTE gave a most inspiring talk and feminist theologian, Mary T. Malone responded to his talk.

The morning finished with a wonderful lunch where great conversation and networking took place. 

You might like to visit Soul Waves Radio at www.soulwavesradio.ie and listen to the latest three interviews posted there.  Sign up for the newsletter and get weekly updates on the latest interviews.  If you have a story to tell and you think Soul Waves Radio might be interested, contact info@soulwavesradio.ie

Three Sisters of Mercy work closely with Soul Waves Radio - Clare Gunning rsm is the Administrator and Marie Stuart rsm and Ailish O'Brien rsm are on the Board of Directors. All three had a large part to play in the development of the new website. The Sisters of Mercy also lend financial support to the company.

Ailish O'Brien rsm

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