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Mercy Global Action Network - Anti-trafficking Presentations

3 April 2012


Danielle Hicks-Gallagher was present at the Trafficking presentation given by Srs. Mary Ryan and Sheila O'Gorman in Sligo Convent of Mercy on March 29th.  She writes her reflections on the presentation here:

"As a lay woman, I've been proud of my small connection to Mercy from the moment I started working for the Convent in Enniskillen, Northern Province. At the talk on the Trafficking and Exploitation of Women and Children, given by Srs Mary Ryan and Sheila O'Gorman, in Sligo Convent (29/03/12) this feeling was distinctly heightened. The sadness and horror that those present felt on learning more about the causes and prevalence of Human Trafficking was tempered with hope, in the knowledge of what is being done to challenge this horrific, world-wide crime. The importance of everyone being aware of the signs of Trafficking in People (TIP) was discussed, as this is something that goes on in every town and county. Also, the necessity of raising awareness around the issue, of being prepared to talk about a subject that previously might have been considered "taboo", and of networking with different groups to achieve this.

Sisters of Mercy

Sr. Ann Marie McQuaid, Sr. Madeleine Morris, Danielle Hicks-Gallagher and Sr Aine McGarty at the Sligo event

But most importantly, the importance for prayer was highlighted - prayer for the victims, prayer for the teams that work to rescue them, and prayer for the organisations working to put an end to this vileness. That is something we all can do, and must do, in the attempt to wipe out the world's third biggest criminal industry. This sense of urgency in what must be done by all who believe in Mercy, justice and Human Rights came out very strongly during the talk, as well as a strong feeling of pride in the fact that Mercies have done, and are continuing to do, so much good work in this area.

Danielle Hicks-Gallagher

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