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Sr. Celestine  Muli


I was born in Kitui district in Kenya and l went to both primary and secondary school there. It all began when l was in primary school having spent number of years with Mercy Sisters in Nguutani parish. Sisters came to our school for pastoral work and l wondered what kind of live they lived.

It was after high school that l had a deep desire for something more than what a nice job or a family can give.  I couldn’t put it in words.  l wanted to be a Sister of Mercy.

As a young person l attended seminars and workshops in the diocese and some l could share with the youth in the outstation and this enlightened me. My desire grew day by day and l came to know Sr. Patricia O’Meara who worked with young people.  She encouraged me, gave me reading materials and answered my questions on religious life.

In August 1998 l attended the first live in with the Mercy Sisters during which l spent time in prayer and reflection and this made a deep impression in my life.  I remember the words of Isaiah 43:1 "l have called you by name you are mine". These words for me were like opening to the unknown and they gave me hope.

Although my family is very much in the Catholic faith l got a lot of opposition from them and this gave me strong faith. I kept praying to God to help as l felt helpless.  At last my family gave in and l said to myself that the last decision remains with me.



In the year 2000 l took the decision to be a Mercy Sister - a call to serve the less fortunate which meant a lot for me after reading the life of Mother McAuley, and l felt l had so many gifts to offer to the poor to include good listening skills.

I am now a newly qualified nurse working in the Mater Hospital, Nairobi. l was always interested in nursing and l felt l had more to offer to the sick - not only physical healing but using a holistic approach. Mater Hospital caters mostly for patients who can pay. In Mater l have learnt that poverty is more than lack of material things that even the rich need a listening ear, a kind word or a smile of which little is offered by our world.

I took my first vows in January 2003.  I am now five years as a junior professed Mercy Sister.  l have learnt to trust and be happy with challenges, drawing my energy from prayer and community support.

I am grateful for all the opportunities I have gotten to help me to deepen my mercy call and to discover my potentials.  My journey continues to unfold and I look forward to the future wherever it may lead me

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