28 May 2015

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  • Be You Merciful as Your Heavenly Father is Merciful (Lk 6:36)

    Having sourced our understanding of the God in the biblical God of relationship, and having addressed the persistent human question – does God actually suffer for us and in us? – Kasper now asks what does it mean for us to be merciful?

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  • Mercy on the Airwaves

    This is an inspiring interview given by Sister Gabrielle McManus on Athlone Community Radio. Listen in to be entertained, to be impressed at the variety of her ministries and to be proud that she is one of us!

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  • Only a Suffering God can help

    Continuing with the second article in the series on Cardinal Kasper’s book, Mercy, we will be asking this month: ‘does God suffer?’ Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s proclamatory statement - Only a suffering God can help - .......

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For all we need to pray for at this time

  • Sr. Joseph Barden

    My entering religious life was due in no small way to the inspiration and encouragement of Sister Brigid Magee who was teaching in the infant school in Ardee where I also taught a class of junior infants.

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