25 July 2016

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  • Living Links

    The Living Links group provides outreach and support to those bereaved by suicide. All the services are free.

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  • Sisters of Mercy and 1916

    The early Celtic Christian monks regarded their burial place as the scene of their resurrection. The tradition is still deep in the Irish soul and so each Summer people gather wherever their dead are buried to celebrate Mass for the repose of the souls...

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  • The Mystery of the Missing Letter: Eamon de Valera and Carysfort Training College 1916

    One of the primary functions of our archives service is to respond to research enquiries and to make information available to researchers. We receive enquiries from a variety of sources and on a range of topics but this year one issue has dominated;

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For all we need to pray for at this time

  • Sr. Agnes Hunter

    My vocation journey began from my village, when the desire to become a sister was uncontrollable and the destination became the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy. In 2003, l applied and on St. Agnes’ Day the vocation director visited me....

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Click here to read poems about Catherine McAuley, written by Sisters of Mercy and friends




Statement from the Sisters of
Mercy July 20th 2013

Statement of the Sisters of Mercy
re Quirke Report

Statement of the Contribution of Sisters of Mercy to Former Residents, the State and to the People of Ireland

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